Monday, 17 October 2016

How would Einstein approach a new language?

Einstein is said to have figured out the riddle of relativity after imagining himself riding a beam at the speed of light. My answer to the riddle of how best to learn another language comes from imagining myself listening at the speed of sound.

If you process language quickly, at the speed of sound, you have no time to think. And if you’ve no time to think, then you’ve no time to analyze, second-guess oneself, worry, become perfectionistic, grow self-conscious, prevaricate, procrastinate—all those naughty things that brains do when you give them too much time.

So read at (least as quickly as) the speed of listening. Listen uninterruptedly. Cover a lot of ground so as to progress evenly and holistically on every front.

I tell you, it works.

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