Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Surf in your new language

Instead of feeling (mildly) guilty about  surfing the Internet without any real aim, take advantage of that inclination. Put it to use. Surf in a new language, remaining at sites just as long as they hold your interest. Read a word or a sentence according to whim.

This is reading! You are reading!

According to no less an authority as Stephen Krashen,  web surfing falls into the pantheon of  useful exposure to language, along with comics, fairy tales, magazines and Harlequin romances (I’m making it up about the romances, but I’m sure he’d agree).

If your computer doesn’t handle the script of the language, cut and paste the odd group of kanji or whatever and see where they lead you. If you turn over enough rocks, you’re gonna find something interesting sooner or later. Google search also for images and videos etc. Use YouTube as a search engine too for your viewing pleasure.

Waste an hour by putting it to good use!

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