Monday, 4 January 2016

Demand this from a language teacher

I recommend that’ve previously advised you not to be taught by a teacher. In fact, I’ve advised you not to be taught at all; that will happen quite automatically if you do things right. And yet you may decide to ignore that advice.

Not to worry.

But do this one thing--not for me, but for yourself.

You must make a few demands of any teacher. There are certain things that you have a right to expect from that person.

Has he or she had any form of training beyond knowing the target language themselves? After all, you might enjoy a good meal, but does that mean that you know how to cook one? Knowing is one thing. Teaching is another.

Does your teacher know a second language, or is he or she in the process of learning one? Unless they do (or are) then they cannot have any understanding of what it is like for you as a learner.

Is your teacher training you to be independent so as to be able to continue improving after your course is done? Or do they expect you to take lessons from them forever?

Is your teacher treating you as an individual? Does your teacher understand that your style of learning may be quite different from the run-of-the-mill individual?

Is your teacher giving you new words to learn (wrong) or employing a grammar-heavy strategy (wrong again)?

Does your teacher give you ideas about HOW to learn?

Does your teacher pounce on your every error? They shouldn't.

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