Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Stephen Krashen's 5th is 1st (for me)

Hmm, I thought there were 5. But it seems, when I look it up, that there are now 6 hypotheses.

In this post I'd like to declare the importance, to me, of Stephen Krashen's hypotheses.

At the outset I'd like to state for the record that I am extremely biased; I agree with over 99% of what Stephen has to say. Oh, go on! 100%.

I'm doing this to weigh up the importance of his 5th hypothesis: the affective filter hypothesis. Off the top of my head I predict that, again in my case, it is the most significant. But let's see . . .

  1. Input hypothesis (i+1) Very important. 4th 
  2. Acquisition/learning hypothesis. Extremely important. 3rd
  3. Monitor hypothesis. Quite Important. 5th
  4. Natural order hypothesis. Important 6th
  5. Affective filter hypothesis. Most important 1st
  6. Reading hypothesis. Hugely important. 2nd
Feeling negatively disposed toward a language has delayed my learning it by as much as 45 years. What a waste!

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