Monday, 28 December 2015

Inventory time

Carry out an inventory to help you learn a new language.

What have you got that you could make use of?

There's the obvious school-type stuff: dictionaries, books, stationery, textbooks, pens and pencils.

There are the electronic gizmos that you own. Things you switch on and try not to spill coffee over.

There are the intangibles: skills, contacts, knowledge, membership of a library, Internet-knowhow (do you understand torrents?), magazine subscriptions etc.

If you notice gaps, then create a wish list. 

Go shopping.

You want to be able to listen to things, so get the things (CDs, mp3s, DVDs) and make sure you have the equipment to play them on.

You want to have things to read, and not necessarily on paper. Think Kindles and the like. Consider comics. Kids stuff is often good, but it's often overlooked or looked down upon too.

The more complete and comprehensive you make your inventory, the more ideas you'll generate about how to go about learning your new language.

And the greater will be the odds that you'll succeed.

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